Why I travel

Why I Travel

Howdy, my name is Vlad and I love to travel. This is the point where everybody says at the same time “Hi, Vlad!”. Because we’re all addicts, aren’t we?

As I sat here wondering how to continue this introduction, I realized that my favorite travel blogs are either from people living a “nomadic” lifestyle, or people whose job allows them to travel a lot. I can’t afford the first one because I like the comfort of my own place and having my loved ones close, and my job only takes up a lot of my time and energy so far.

So I only travel on holidays, whenever I get the chance. But it is by far the best time of the year. Because I get to leave all my worries and negative thoughts in the airport or train station and head out to discover new and (usually) better places. I believe everyone should have this attitude while traveling. Forget about unpaid bills, work problems, or everything else that puts anything but a smile on your face. Focus on the good part, if you’re going for the first time somewhere, think about what you’re going to see, the people you’re going to meet, all the new food you’re going to try, all the pictures you’re going to take. And if it’s not the first time in that place, well you must have a reason for going back.

There’s something about the anticipation of a trip that gets me more excited than a kid going to Disneyland (Chloe, we’re going to Disneyland!). I don’t think there’s anything that would make me happier than knowing I can go on a trip whenever I want to.

On this blog, I’ll write stories from my, (so far) few but memorable, trips, as well as travel advice and share some of my favorite pictures that I took.

Let’s skip our daily lives and go traveling.