Mogosoaia Palace - day trip from Bucharest

Escape From The City At The Mogosoaia Palace

Once upon a time (a few weeks ago, actually), I convinced my friends to leave the city behind for a few hours and take advantage of the warm weather. Thus, we went to visit the Mogoșoaia area, a few kilometers from Bucharest. Not only it is home to the Mogoșoaia Palace, a building with a rich history, but it’s also a great choice for people who want to go for a picnic away from the ever-noisy city.

Built over 300 years ago by Constantin Brâncoveanu, a prince of Wallachia, the Mogoșoaia Palace is the stepping stone in the creation of a new architectural style, most commonly known as Brâncovenesc style (or Romanian Renaissance), that combines Venetian and Ottoman elements, which is understandable due to the relations with the Ottoman Empire at the time. The history of that time is more hectic than a Game of Thrones episode, you’ve got backstabbing, mysterious deaths, banishment and even war. After Brâncoveanu was executed by the Ottoman Empire, the Palace was turned into an inn. Having survived multiple wars and the communists, the palace is nowadays a museum for the Brâncovenesc art.

Let’s take a look…



There is a restaurant inside, but I strongly recommend bringing your own food and making a picnic, as the prices there can be quite over the top. There is plenty of space so you can bring a blanket, lie down on the grass or even play volleyball/frisbee or anything like that.

The Palace in all its glory. I feel like you can easily identify the particular elements of the Brâncovenesc style that are present in many other churches or palaces throughout the country. Now this would be a good idea for a future post 🙂 *makes note about it*

How to get to Mogoșoaia:

  • By car: 11 km away from Bucharest, on the road to Târgoviște.
  • By public transportation: M4 subway to the Parc Bazilescu station (last stop) then either take the 460/460-bis bus (warning: tickets used in the city aren’t accepted, there are some special ones) or any of the unnumbered buses (in Romanian known as ‘maxi-taxi’) going to Mogoșoaia, for as little as 4 Ron.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, let me know in the comments what you think 🙂

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  • Gorgeous.
    One of my favorite weekend activities in any season is to visit Moscow’s country palaces. They are always good for sightseeing AND nature walks!

    • I haven’t had a weekend when I didn’t have to work/study in such a long time, the sound of visiting anything sounds so great! I went to Mogosoaia on a mini-break we got for Labor Day.

  • Such a beautiful place. And I love the photos too! If only I could head out of my city right about now and check out some beautiful places.

    • Thank you! I would love to get out of the city again, my friends and I keep planning to visit some nearby places, but something always comes up. Why did we have to grow up? 😀

  • Gorgeous place! Wish I visited it during my time in Bucharest – definitely looks A LOT quieter and peaceful than Bucharest 😀
    Great pictures as always and looked like you had a great weather too!

    • It was indeed a great weather, not too hot, not to cold. A friend said she has only visited Mogosoaia in the winter, I thought it would be interesting to see the palace surrounded by snow. Thank you, Aggy!

  • I love getting out of the city, especially if a location’s as spectacular as this one!

    • It’s a great idea for the weekend, to leave everything behind and explore a nearby place. Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  • Beautiful photos once again! Definitely one to check out if I end up in Bucharest next month…

    • Thank you, John! I’m really curious to see where you’ll end up (and what you’ll think of Bucharest if you do come here) 😀

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  • Great post, Vlad. Much more comprehensive and detailed than mine. Great photos too, like always.

    • Thank you, Anda! I feel like I need to go back again and take better photos with my new camera.

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