The most beautiful castle in Romania, the Peles Castle

Through My Lens: The Beautiful Peles Castle

While Romania may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of beautiful castles, it does have its fair share of places that once belonged to the royal family and will blow away its visitors. No matter how many castles I visit in the country, the Peles Castle in Sinaia will still be my favorite. Not only is it gorgeous on the outside and the inside, but the view from its terrace is simply breathtaking. Don’t take my word for it though, the Peles Castle exists because King Carol I fell in love with the mountain scenery and decided that’s where he wanted his summer residence to be built.

I know you’re curious to see more pictures, so without further ado, here are 15 photos from the beautiful Peles Castle.

Visit the Peles Castle, the most beautiful castle in Romania

The stunning scenery surrounding the Peles Castle
I can totally see why the king has fallen in love with the gorgeous scenery.

Visit the Peles Castle, the most beautiful castle in Romania

The main hall of the Peles Castle

The armory of the Peles Castle

A room at the Peles Castle

The music room at the Peles Castle

Beautiful details at the Peles Castle

A room at the Peles Castle

The oriental room at the Peles Castle

A room at the Peles Castle

The theater of the Peles Castle

A room at the Peles Castle

The main hall of the Peles Castle

Interior courtyard of the Peles Castle

How to visit the Peles Castle

Due to its location, the Peles Castle makes a great stopover on the way from Bucharest to Transylvania and even a great day trip from Bucharest. A guided tour costs between 20 RON (€4.5, for the ground floor) and 50 RON (€11, for the ground floor and the first floor). The photo tax is 32 RON (€7), but in my opinion it’s not worth it, the light isn’t the best for pictures and you’d be better off listening to the stories the guide is saying. If you’re thinking about visiting the famous Bran Castle (aka “Dracula’s Castle”) as well, there’s this great tour from Bucharest that will take you to see both castles on the same day. (note: I have no affiliation to them, I just think it’s a good deal 😉 ).

Would you like to visit the Peles Castle?

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Visit The Peles Castle, the most beautiful castle in Romania

Disclaimer: I was offered an entrance ticket for the Peles Castle, but all views (and pictures) are entirely my own.

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  • Holy crap. That’s my whole comment :))))

    • it’s a valid point though! :))

  • a gorgeous castle!

  • Untold Morsels

    Thank goodness the king wasn’t a minimalist! That castle is incredible – straight out of a fairytale

    • The king definitely knew what he wanted 😉

  • World Journeys

    i loved Peles, and regret that I only took a couple of photos back when I visited. yours are amazing!

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    Wow Vlad, I’ve seen several posts about the beautiful Peles Castle, but none have captured it as beautifully as you have. My favourite photo is the room with the harp, how magical. I just imagine myself sitting in that red chair by the stained glass window listening to the wonderful sounds of the harp.

    • I loved the room with the harp as well, it was one of my favorites.

  • Lovely pictures I must say and yes Romania was not in my top list for europe destinations but Peles Castle does make a strong case for this beautiful land. I loved the first pic. Also thanks for letting us know about ‘photo tax’ !

  • We love castles, and this was a really beautiful one. When we visit Romania I sure hope we get the opportunity to visit Peles Castle. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures, great captured.

  • Clare Thomson

    What fabulous photos! My 10-year-old son is reading this with me and he’s now desperate to visit this gorgeous castle. It looks amazing! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Sam

    Such beautiful photos! I’ve never considered Romania before but it looks like a photographer’s dream!

  • Serendipity Tess

    WOW! This looks like a fairytale castle. I must say, I don’t know much about Romania and I haven’t visited it yet – but i’m planning to (SO many countries to see!!). I totally understand how King Carol must have felt when he saw the scenery!! By the way: I love your blog’s name! 😀

  • How gorgeous – and what an amazing location too. I rather wish I could pick my favourite bit of countryside and order people to build me a castle! #weeklypostcard

  • Jim Vail

    King Carol knew what he was doing. Peles castle looks incredible; you did a great job capturing its splendor Vlad!

  • VlPeles Castle looks incredibly beautiful “through your lens” Vlad! I love your pictures. A+++

  • I have to say that even if I’m Romanian, I have only visited Peles Castle inside once, when I was little. I have been there though many times after that and I always recommend it to my friends that visit Romania and think of only stopping in Brasov, for Bran Castle.

  • The scenery is just breathtaking, Vlad; no wonder it’s so popular with hikers. I gather you paid for the full €18 treatment (both floors plus photo tax)? Well, even though you don’t think it was worth it because you weren’t happy with the quality of your interior photos, I disagree. I thought the ones you posted were good. What camera and lens did you use?

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  • Beautiful, indeed! I so want to see this fabulous castle in person!!

  • OMG, stop it, another reasons for me to go to Romania asap! This castle is stunning. I’m impressed that they let you take pictures on the inside, even if paid. Here in Germany you can’t, even paying 🙁
    The light wasn’t great but your pictures are 😀
    I certainly need to visit both castles once in Bucharest!

  • This is incredible and gorgeous. I had no idea Romania looked like that! (I am still in my “I dont know what Romania REALLY looks like” mindset)

    • John Pilkington

      GO TO ROMANIA. I have been converted and I love it!

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