Double holiday to Paris and Oslo

Two Countries, One Holiday

Around January, I got an email from a traveling agency, about their offer of double city breaks. I was intrigued, yet the idea of spending only two days in one city and two days in another city didn’t sound appealing…

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Liebster award

Liebster Award Nomination

Today’s morning became much better when I found out that the lovely Ilana from Ilana On The Road has nominated me for a Liebster Award. You may be wondering what is this all about. The award aims to put in…

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Bucharest Romania beautiful architecture

The Pretty Side Of Bucharest

In a city made up of mostly concrete or glass boxes, it is refreshing to find buildings with a certain charm of their own, that make you realize why Bucharest was once called the Little Paris. It’s a shame they…

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Visit Valencia during the summer, the home of the paella and the City of Arts and Science

Off My Bucket List

In the past few years I realized that I can’t always go and tick off the highest ranked item on my travel bucket list. Sometimes it can be inconvenient, or just too expensive. And sometimes, an opportunity arises when you’ll…

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Visit Romania - Sibiu

Welcome To Romania

Most of the summers in my childhood (and later, some of my teen years) were spent with my family, visiting the country. While I wasn’t old/smart enough to appreciate it back then (“But moooooom, I just want to go out…

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Cabo da Roca - a day trip from Lisbon

Day Trips From Lisbon

  When I was little, I used to take road trips with my parents across the country. We’d spend a few days in a place, then drove to the next destination on our itinerary. Thus we saw the whole country,…

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