How to afford Oslo on a budget

10 Tips To Afford Oslo On A Budget

It’s impossible to search about Oslo on Google and not be hit in the face with many warnings that it’s the most expensive city in Europe and sometimes this scares people, making them consider a cheaper alternative. I know it…

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East European Comic Con Bucharest

A geeky holiday in Bucharest

Do you like comic books, fantasy/sci-fi novels or tv shows, superheroes, cosplaying, board games, anime, manga, and other things along these lines? Have you always wanted to go to a convention to meet other people who share the same interests…

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Amsterdam Dutch traditional food

Eating in Amsterdam

Dutch food isn’t what you would call haute cuisine but what you’ll find in The Netherlands is tasty and nutritious comfort food. I had a lot of interesting, weird, tasty dishes in Amsterdam and I’d like to tell you about…

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