What are the off the beaten path attractions of Paris?

Paris Off The Beaten Path

“Is there such a thing as a place that’s off the beaten path in Paris?” – this is the question I kept asking myself while reading blogs about Paris, prior to my trip. The short answer? No, there isn’t. The…

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Visit Valencia during the summer, the home of the paella and the City of Arts and Science

Off My Bucket List

In the past few years I realized that I can’t always go and tick off the highest ranked item on my travel bucket list. Sometimes it can be inconvenient, or just too expensive. And sometimes, an opportunity arises when you’ll…

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Cabo da Roca - a day trip from Lisbon

Day Trips From Lisbon

  When I was little, I used to take road trips with my parents across the country. We’d spend a few days in a place, then drove to the next destination on our itinerary. Thus we saw the whole country,…

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