Double holiday to Paris and Oslo

Two Countries, One Holiday

Around January, I got an email from a traveling agency, about their offer of double city breaks. I was intrigued, yet the idea of spending only two days in one city and two days in another city didn’t sound appealing…

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Liebster award

Liebster Award Nomination

Today’s morning became much better when I found out that the lovely Ilana from Ilana On The Road has nominated me for a Liebster Award. You may be wondering what is this all about. The award aims to put in…

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My best and worst travel memory

My Best And Worst Travel Memory

When it comes to rain, everyone knows that to say I dislike it is an understatement. My day gets turned upside down and I become grumpy and if, God forbids, I’m outside and get wet, everything is ruined. Yes, it’s…

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Boca do Inferno - A day trip from Lisbon Portugal

I’m going back to Portugal!

The last few days have been awfully stressful, but last night I got the best news you can give to a traveler: that he’s going on a trip. And since it’s official, I can say that I’m going to Portugal…

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Discover Peniche Portugal

Discover Portugal: Peniche

Reading travel blogs online, I was glad to see how many people fell in love with Lisbon from their first visit. While Lisbon may not be my favorite city (though it’s definitely in top 5), Portugal is my favorite country…

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Why I travel

Why I Travel

Howdy, my name is Vlad and I love to travel. This is the point where everybody says at the same time “Hi, Vlad!”. Because we’re all addicts, aren’t we? As I sat here wondering how to continue this introduction, I…

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