Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Georgia, An Underrated Wonder

I’ll be the first to admit, Georgia has never been a top priority on my travel wishlist. I had seen photos (especially in John’s ecstatic post) and knew it’s a beautiful country, so it was on my “I’d like to…

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Eurovision in Lisbon 2018

Lisbon in Eurovision Colours

“Are you here for the Eurovision?” our Uber driver asks. Gee, what gave us away? Nothing, as it turns out, since people from all over Europe fled to Lisbon to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, some whom I would never…

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San Francisco, California

Our First Time In America In Photos

Whenever I used to think of America, I would picture the beautiful California with charming cities, breathtaking coast, palm trees everywhere, sun-kissed skin…..wait, I’m thinking of the Katy Perry song…anyway. So naturally, when I saw flight tickets that were a…

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