The Council Square from Brasov, Romania

Traveling Romania On A Budget

Lesser-visited countries always make for great budget vacations, and despite the beauties of Romania, the country is often overshadowed by popular European destinations. If you’re planning a Eurotrip in the near future, consider stopping by Romania if you get the…

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Infinitea Tea House Bucharest

The Serenity of Infinitea

As I sat in the beautiful garden of Infinitea, I tried to pinpoint the first time I was there, but I simply couldn’t remember. It comes as no surprise though, since it’s a cozy place that I visit with a…

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At the top of the mountain in Sinaia

A Day Trip From Bucharest to Sinaia

­For us, part time travelers, a weekend trip is sometimes the best way to get out and explore new places, considering we all have limited annual leave. We usually spend a lot of time in airports, often neglecting what we…

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The hidden gems of Bucharest walking tour

The Hidden Gems Of Bucharest

What do you usually do to fulfill your wanderlust when you are not traveling? Have you ever considered being a tourist in the city you live in? Ever since I visited the Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel, I wanted to…

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