Tromso, Norway

Tromso In Stories, Photos and Numbers

“Crunch, crunch, crunch,” the snow is creaking underneath my boots. It’s our first morning in Tromso, the northernmost city we’ve ever visited, and the sun is shining, which is surprising after the snow storm we’ve been greeted with the night…

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Photo of people watching the fireworks in Paris on Bastille day for the Explore The Elements challenge

14 Favorite Travel Moments in 2014

That time of year has finally come. The time when you decorate trees, buy presents, sing carols, drink mulled wine, make lists and ponder upon the year that’s about to end. Now that Christmas has passed, the tree is decorated,…

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A cruise on the Oslofjord departing from Oslo

The Oslofjord Experience

Norway is widely known for its breathtaking landscapes and scenic views, all thanks to the gorgeous fjords. The capital city is no exception,  although the Oslofjord is nowhere near the stunning Geirangerfjord, but if you are in Oslo, it would…

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How to afford Oslo on a budget

10 Tips To Afford Oslo On A Budget

It’s impossible to search about Oslo on Google and not be hit in the face with many warnings that it’s the most expensive city in Europe and sometimes this scares people, making them consider a cheaper alternative. I know it…

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Double holiday to Paris and Oslo

Two Countries, One Holiday

Around January, I got an email from a traveling agency, about their offer of double city breaks. I was intrigued, yet the idea of spending only two days in one city and two days in another city didn’t sound appealing…

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