How I Fell In Love With Vienna On My Second Visit

How I Fell In Love With Vienna On My Second Visit

I first visited Vienna when I was 20 and hadn’t traveled much abroad. While the trip was fun, the city and I didn’t click and I couldn’t really put my finger on why. Maybe it was my bad mood or high expectations, but for years I went on without any wish to return. Until 2015 when I realized Imagine Dragons wouldn’t have a concert in Romania on this tour and I started searching where it would be the cheapest to see them on a weekend. After checking their schedule a bunch of times, we’ve settled on Linz, Austria. We planned on staying in Vienna for a couple of days, then take a train to go to the concert. Or so we thought.

I was genuinely excited for giving Vienna a second chance until I received a mail notifying me the concert in Linz was cancelled. A few days after I bought non-refundable train tickets. “Well fuck,” was a much more PG version of what was going through my head back then. This lasted for a day though, until I saw the concert was actually moved to Vienna and all was good again.

I spent four days filled with a lot of walking around admiring the stunning buildings (despite freezing our asses off), eating a lot of great food and shopping a little more than our suitcases could carry. Here’s how my camera has seen the trip…

Wandering in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna
Someone wasn’t ready to let the Christmas spirit go. I feel you, Vienna, I feel you!
The gorgeous Karlskirche in Vienna
While I didn’t have a plan in mind, seeing Karlskirche was a must for me since I’d missed it the first time.
Inside the gorgeous Karlskirche in Vienna
Karlskirche is even more beautiful on the inside
The Butterfly House in Vienna
The Butterfly House in Vienna. My camera hated it there, it would fog instantly since it was super warm and humid.

On the way to the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna

Panda at the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna

@imaginedragons were amazing tonight, I'm so happy I got to see them live!

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Sweets in Vienna
Well that’s the perfect reason to get married!
Love locks in Vienna
There’s no escaping these love locks!

Have you ever been to Vienna? Was it love at first sight?

Disclaimer: I was offered a complimentary Vienna Card that offers free public transportation and discounts at all the sights in this post, but all views are entirely my own (and the photos were taken by my freezing hands).