San Francisco, California

Our First Time In America In Photos

Whenever I used to think of America, I would picture the beautiful California with charming cities, breathtaking coast, palm trees everywhere, sun-kissed skin…..wait, I’m thinking of the Katy Perry song…anyway. So naturally, when I saw flight tickets that were a…

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Weekend in Madrid

A Warm Weekend In Madrid

Although it wasn’t planned, the end of January has found me, you’ve guessed it, away from home. Specifically, in Madrid. While I’ve been to Spain many times, I hadn’t visited its capital before. Even though a weekend trip doesn’t sound…

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Weekend trip in Madrid

The Good And Bad Of Weekend Trips

In my 2017 recap, I’ve mentioned that last year was my best for travel, with 20 trips and 80 days traveled. Some people have wondered how was this possible while working a regular 9 to 5 job. The answer is…

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2017 In Photos: A year of travel

2017: A Crazy Year in Photos

What a year 2017 has been! I didn’t have too many plans or expectations this time last year (after all, 17 is a prime number and I don’t trust prime numbers 😛 ), but 2017 turned out to be mybest…

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