Highlands tour in Scotland

Photo Diary From The Scottish Highlands

“A clean bus is a happy bus,” our tour guide, Marty, informs us as we leave behind a sleepy Glasgow on a lazy Saturday, heading towards the Scottish Highlands. We will be spending the whole weekend in the Highlands, but little did we know when we left what surprises were in store for us. Stunning views, rain, an amazing breakfast, more rain, haggis, even more rain and an unexpected detour. 

After….some sleep in Glasgow, we got on the bus, excited for the day ahead of us. Our first stop would be the Wallace Monument, built in honor of Scotland’s most famous hero… Mel Gibson. Just kidding, although Marty did call him “the patron saint of tourism in Scotland” since after the movie Braveheart, tourism in the country increased significantly. I listen fascinated to stories from Scotland’s history and I try to take notes, but I quickly get car sick and give up on the idea entirely. Let me show you how the first day went.

Scottish Highlands Tour: Wallace Monument
The imposing Wallace Monument
Scottish Highlands Tour: Wallace Monument
and the gorgeous view from the top
Scottish Highlands Tour: Stirling Castle
We stopped to take a couple of pictures of Stirling Castle, right before catching a glimpse of Doune Castle, much to Paul’s excitement, as it was a Game of Thrones filming location in Scotland
A tour of the Scottish Highlands
Outside the restaurant where we had lunch there were two very lovely hairy coos, the first we’ve seen in the Highlands
Scottish Highlands Tour
The scenery was gorgeous all around, I tried to take a few pictures from the car (like this one) but after bumping my head on the window only to end up with shit photos, I decided to just sit and enjoy to view – something I’m not entirely used to.
Scottish Highlands Tour
I had fallen asleep and when I woke up, we had stopped at Glen Coe for a few photos, all I remember was that it was cold, rainy and foggy and I was only wearing a sweater.
Scottish Highlands Tour: the Harry Potter bridge
While we had just missed the famous “Harry Potter train”, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the iconic bridge with my little Harry, wet from all the rain.
Scottish Highlands Tour: Loch Schiel
Loch Schiel, near the Harry Potter bridge. Am I the only one who sees that log as a crocodile?
Scottish Highlands Tour: Loch Schiel
My future house!
Scottish Highlands Tour: Glenfinnan Church
And here is my favorite place in the Scottish Highlands: The Church of St Mary and St Finnan or the Glenfinnan Church for short. It was so quiet and the back yard of the church has an absolutely gorgeous view.
Scottish Highlands Tour: Glenfinnan Church
The inside of the Glenfinnan Church, we were the only ones there.
Scottish Highlands Tour: Fort William
Our final stop on the first day: the picturesque town of Fort William

Scottish Highlands Tour: Fort William

Scottish Highlands Tour: Fort William
Buying scotch for our dads….and ourselves.
Fort William
A cute b&b in Fort William. Not our accommodation, which was even better than this.
Scottish Highlands Tour: Loch Linnhe
I had planned to go to Loch Linnhe once we reach Fort William and I didn’t want to let the cold and the gray skies stop me.
Scottish Highlands Tour: Loch Linnhe
Paul’s number one reason to go back to Scotland and the Highlands: the yellow poppies
Scottish Highlands Tour: Haggis in the Highlands
Tried haggis for the first time. It wasn’t as horrible as I though, in fact I quite liked it and even ordered it in a few other places.

The first day ended with an amazing accommodation, maybe the best I’ve ever stayed at. Our friend, Anda, had already been to Scotland and had stayed at the Myrtle Bank Guest House before and when she showed us pictures, we wanted to book a room no matter what! And boy, we were so glad we did. It was cold and raining that evening in Fort William and when we saw our room, we wanted to stay there for days. Cozy, spacious, beautiful, warm and it had a gorgeous view over Loch Linnhe. In the morning we had a delicious full English breakfast, to get us ready for the long day ahead of us.

Scottish Highlands Tour: Myrtle Bank Guest House

Scottish Highlands Tour: Myrtle Bank Guest House

Scottish Highlands Tour: Myrtle Bank Guest House

Scottish Highlands Tour: Myrtle Bank Guest House

Scottish Highlands Tour: Myrtle Bank Guest House

The second day started with this breakfast (look at that view!), followed by a long day in the bus, traveling all the way to Eilean Donan Castle and Loch Ness. Despite my best efforts to enjoy the views of the Highlands, the relaxing Scottish music in the car made me doze off a few times…

Scottish Highlands Tour
Lots of empty roads in the Highlands on a typical Scottish summer day…
Scottish Highlands Tour
Couldn’t see much of Glen Garry, but I did take a couple of pictures of these interesting rocks. Totally fine with that fog, it’s cool.
Scottish Highlands Tour: Eilean Donan Castle
The most photographed castle in Scotland, Eilean Donan. In my mind I had a lot of different photos I wanted to take, but none of them were possible due to the heavy rain that didn’t stop for one minute while we were there 🙁

Scottish Highlands Tour: Eilean Donan Castle

Scottish Highlands Tour: Eilean Donan Castle
So we had to seek refuge in the cafe of the castle. Scotland, if I gained weight, it’s on you!
Scottish Highlands Tour: Loch Ness
After a very long drive (and nap), we reached Loch Ness and I was astonished to see how huge it actually was. Sadly, Nessie (aka the famous monster) said it’s too cold to show up.

Scottish Highlands Tour: Loch Ness

Scottish Highlands Tour: Loch Ness
I wanted to go over there to eat simply because it had purple umbrellas, haha
Scottish Highlands Tour: Pitlochry
We had a couple of more stops planned (including a walk in The Hermitage, something I was super excited for), but after being stuck in traffic for over three hours due to an accident, we had to take a detour and stop in the charming little town of Pitlochry for a bathroom break and a quick look around.
Scottish Highlands Tour: Pitlochry
I had to take a photo of a town map just to remember how to spell the name, haha

Scottish Highlands Tour: Pitlochry

While the tour with Timberbush didn’t go exactly as I had imagined, I still had a lot of fun and saw some incredible sights. I can only recommend this tour, you see a lot of beautiful places in a relatively short time. As for me, I just know I’ll return to the Highlands sooner rather than later. I may or may not have plans for the future already. 😉 But it will be too much to ask for at least one sunny day???

Have you ever been to the Scottish Highlands?

Disclaimer: I normally wouldn’t add this, but I feel like I need to say it just so there won’t be any confusion: the tour and accommodation were entirely paid by us and we received no discounts, nor were we asked to write this post.  We simply had an amazing time and wanted to recommend you some cool places. You’re welcome. 😉 

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  • Your photos are still beautiful – despite the weather! I’ve never been to the Highlands but you may just have convinced me to pop it on the list for next year. And especially that gorgeous Fort William guesthouse!

    • The guesthouse is amazing, I’m definitely planning on going back and staying longer 😀

  • OMG THIS IS PERFECTION. This is my total travel p0rn. I would absolutely do this tour – and I could live at that little B&B!!! I would probably do a much longer tour, stay there for a while, and take sightseeing trips from there -plus horseback riding!

    • Haven’t seen too many horses, but I did look it up for you and yes, they have horseback riding there too. So you should go! 😀

      • You are so sweet 🙂 But seriously, I am going over those photos again and it’s such a travel dream!

  • Lucy Dodsworth

    So pretty – though Scotland’s weather can be a bit of a challenge! Definitely makes me want to get out and explore the Highlands, love all those shades of green.

    • I’m hoping the next time I visit I’ll have a little bit of sunshine, especially since I want to do the West Highland trail 🙂

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    Vlad this is an area I’ve wanted to visit for some time, but never made it here yet. Your photos are absolutely stunning, despite the weather, in fact I think it adds to the photos. Such a pretty place I am know keener than ever to see for myself. Nice that you are staying in touch with us through #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • I’m sure you would love Scotland, Lyn, it’s such a beautiful country!

  • Anisa Alhilali

    I am actually heading there this week. I just hope the weather cooperates. I am so excited! Your pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • Well my reply is super late. How was it, did you have fun? Did you have good weather? 😀

      • Anisa Alhilali

        I loved it. The weather was mixed but we made the best of it.

  • Elizabeth Newcamp

    We just got back from here and visited so many of the same places. Your pictures are just gorgeous! We were also totally taken by the Glenfinnan Church. I loved the rose window! Thanks for sharing #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • The Glenfinnan Church may be one of my favorite churches of all time. Such a peaceful place! 🙂

  • Wow, I didn’t realize Scotland is so beautiful, Vlad. You’ve got some great pictures there although the weather wasn’t helping you. I particularly like the Eilean Donan castle. There is something mysterious about its silhouette against that mountain in the background.

    • I was so bummed I couldn’t enjoy Eilean Donan properly, it was pouring and I was wet. And I’m never happy when I’m wearing wet clothes, haha

  • Alex

    I love love love your photo’s – the mist just adds to the atmosphere of them. Well done for getting great shots despite the weather. Looks like you travelled a lovely road and I can understand why you’d want to return. No point asking for sun though – this is Scotland.

    • Thank you, I’m gonna go back to Scotland in the future 😀

  • Absolutely – that log is definitely a crocodile!

    • Glad someone else saw it, haha.

  • Loved reading about your trip! I’m in love with the Myrtle Bank Guest House and pinned that for later!!! Your pictures are always so lovely! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • Thank you! The guesthouse is amazing, I have no doubt that I’m staying there next time I visit, haha

  • The Scottish Highlands are absolutely beautiful and your photos have captured that special something about it. Even the fog is super atmospheric! Can’t wait to go back to the Highlands 🙂

    • Thank you, I can’t wait to go back too 😀

  • Sorry to hear that it rained so much on your holiday in the Highlands, we were just there about a week or so ago and had such lovely weather. We did a 5-day tour of the Highlands and Isle of Skye with Rabbie’s out of Edinburgh. It is cloudy and grey today in Scotland if it makes you feel better – it seems to be our year-round kind of weather:) Hope you get a chance to return to beautiful Scotland and catch some luck with better weather.

    • I’d love to go back and see the Isle of Skye too, it’s in my plans for a second visit 🙂

  • I see proper Scottish weather:) You’ve visited Stirling too:) I loved the views from the Wallace monument:)

    • The views were amazing, but the wind was so strong and it was pretty cold.

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