Whenever I want to be entertained, find ideas for my next holiday, discover places I’ve never even heard of, or suffer from writer’s block, I turn to my dear pal….The Internet. Below is a list of travel blogs that I love and read daily, in alphabetical order.

Backpack Me – Ashray and Zara left the city of Dubai behind and now are on the mission to travel around the globe. And they want to take you with them through the magical wonders of technology. Not that magical, sadly you can’t wish to be in one place and instantly appear there. One can only dream though (you may say I have read too many sci-fi novels)

Continental Breakfast Travel – John loves Eurovision, city-breaks, budget traveling and spending all his income on holidays. He has traveled a lot in Eastern Europe and documents his trips on his blog.

Dream Explore Wander – Aggy has a flair to move around and caught my attention when she wrote about her time in my hometown, Bucharest. She is a computer science geek who loves Portugal as much as I do and reading her blog often makes me wish Asia were closer.

Finding The Universe – The first travel blog I’ve ever read, I enjoy reading about the adventures of Laurence & Vera around the world and I’m fascinated by their beautiful photos.

Home & Away – Anna is a “Russian-American-Russian expat” currently living in Moscow, who writes about her two home countries, the United States and Russia, as well as all her trips around Europe.  She also makes an excellent case on why you should visit Crimea.

Ilana On The Road – For her “100 Places to See in Germany” project, Ilana is writing about amazing places from a country I have yet to visit, but with I every post I wish I’d pack my bags and head there. We’ve also met on a hot summer day and had a chat about travel over tea.

Need Another Holiday – Clare is “a part-time traveler with a penchant for European city breaks and Mediterranean beaches”. She shares the same travel philosophy as me and her travel style can be described as Budget-Luxe. She’s also a huge source of inspiration for me, because with every post she demonstrates that you can balance work and travel just fine.

On The Luce – A part time traveler and full time travel obsessive, Lucy is mixing travel and everyday life, writing about interesting destinations from the UK and Europe, to more exotic places. I come back week after week to Lucy’s blog to be inspired through wonderful stories and gorgeous photos.

Packing My Suitcase – One of the nicest bloggers I’ve met (sadly just online, for now), Allane is a Brazilian living in Munich, Germany who has some excellent stories to share. She combines her love of travel with her passion for diving (taking some amazing photos of the underwater world.) and for Formula 1.

Red Bohemia – Kavitha is serious when it comes to traveling and I’m seriously in love with her blog (see what I did there?), reading her blog will either “infect” you with a bad case of wanderlust or make you want to practice yoga. Or both. Which is always a good thing.

Snow in Tromsø – Van is a German girl living in the Arctic.  Following her passion for all things Northern, she has decided to move to Tromso, Norway and she writes about her life as an expat, as well as her adventures around Scandinavia.

Travel Notes And Beyond – A Romanian living in South California, Anda is passionate about traveling and photography and her excellent posts are always accompanied by gorgeous photography. On her blog I’ve discovered many stunning destinations in North America, making my “To Visit” list so much longer.

Wise Monkeys Abroad – An Australian couple, David and Le have the same approach to traveling as I do and they know that planning the next holiday is a way of life (I love that!). While they’re on a quest to see as much of this world as possible, they have also set a personal challenge to visit as many UNESCO heritage sites.