Out of the 100 towers Bologna had in the Middle Ages, only 20 remain today.

The Remarkable Towers of Bologna

“We’re going to see the tallest tower in Bologna,” I told my cousins as we were leaving the hotel on the first day. Bologna is known for many things, the world’s oldest university, the mouthwatering cuisine (all that lasagna and…

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Find out why you should visit Riga

A Short And Sweet Stay In Riga

If a cancelled flight always resulted in spending a couple of days in a lovely city, then I’d wish my flights got cancelled more often. When I booked our trip to Northern Europe, the plan was to fly to Helsinki,…

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Visit Moscow: walking along the Moscow river

Should You Visit Moscow?

There are a lot of people who think they shouldn’t visit Moscow for a various of reasons: the cold, unfriendly people, seemingly boring, dealing with visas and the list can go on and on. I personally think Moscow is a…

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