Bucharest Romania beautiful architecture

The Pretty Side Of Bucharest

In a city made up of mostly concrete or glass boxes, it is refreshing to find buildings with a certain charm of their own, that make you realize why Bucharest was once called the Little Paris. It’s a shame they…

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Visit Romania - Sibiu

Welcome To Romania

Most of the summers in my childhood (and later, some of my teen years) were spent with my family, visiting the country. While I wasn’t old/smart enough to appreciate it back then (“But moooooom, I just want to go out…

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East European Comic Con Bucharest

A geeky holiday in Bucharest

Do you like comic books, fantasy/sci-fi novels or tv shows, superheroes, cosplaying, board games, anime, manga, and other things along these lines? Have you always wanted to go to a convention to meet other people who share the same interests…

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